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St. Oswald’s Church, Crowle

Part of the Crowle Group of Parishes

The History of St. Oswald’s Church

The church in Crowle was first mentioned in the Domesday survey of 1086 AD. It was one of about 225 churches in Lincolnshire at that time.

This early church was most likely a simple wooden structure with a roof made of rushes. We have no proof that the church was dedicated to St. Oswald but it is doubtful that the Normans would have selected the name of an English saint who had died about 700 AD but first recorded proof is the survey of 1086 AD.

At the Norman Conquest the Manor of Crowle was given to Geoffrey de Wirce, who was the first Norman lord of the Isle of Axholme. Shortly after Geoffrey de Wirce gave the Manor of Crowle to the Abbey of Saint Germains at Selby, founded in 1069 AD who held the manor until dissolution of the monasteries in the 16th century. Vicars from the earliest times recorded.

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